Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Poleng Cloth

if you walk in Bali certainly find a lot of black and white cloth (plaid) along the way. There mounted in a tree, in which there is the monument in the middle of the street intersection, in front of the monument imaginable, and some even in the stone of all. Usually from my experience, the driver and tour guide asked if this would answer that the place was haunted. There is also a distinguished answer if it is part of the belief that there is understanding animist Bali. In fact, extreme who answered really like that since the first.
The answer that the existence of animism well understood, it is also about the existence of ghosts. But that's not because of black and white cloth. But there is another explanation other gatekeepers about the place. black white own cloth means of a concept of two different but one. Broadly speaking, God created the black, white as well as creating his opponent. Also other things like good and evil.
Rwa BHINEDA, namely the concept of a distinction that should exist in this world to create harmony and balance of the universe. In Chinese philosophy known as Yin-Yang.
The concept rwa Bhineda is a matter which form the character of the Balinese. The Balinese do not make a difference as an excuse to show hostility or our ego. The difference is just a beauty which must be balanced by the realization of harmony in human life and the universe. This concept may also affect the character of the Balinese people who are not too agressive for the response to cases or issues which are being developed. In everyday life, the concept rwa Bhineda is a form of respect for human life choice, what would be our future. Just as our state motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika(Unity in Diversity), different but still one too, that we are different races, face, skin color, occupation, fate, names etc,but a HUMAN is still God's creation.

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